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101st Annual Meeting Wrap Up

December 08, 2022

The 101STannual meeting of the Montana Taxpayers Association was held on December 7, 2022, at the Great Northern in Helena.  Over 120 people registered to attend. 


 Montana Governor Greg Gianforte was the keynote speaker at the noon luncheon.  He visited with the attendees about his administration’s plans for the upcoming session.  He also talked about his goals for changes in Montana tax policy.  The centerpiece of his tax agenda is further reducing the top income tax rate to below 6% and ultimately to get the rate below 5%.  He also is proposing to increase the exemption for business equipment from $300,000 to one million dollars.  Other proposals include creating a tax credit for young children, an adoption credit, and rebate checks to Montana homeowners to relieve some of the burden of property taxes on their primary residence.

The days program started at 10:30 with a discussion about Montana political history by Bob Brown and Chuck Johnson.  Bob talked about notable Montana national political figures.  Chuck talked about Montana political candidates who were perennial office seekers but never were successful in being elected.

Economic Outlook

After lunch, Dr. Patrick Barkey of the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research talked about the Montana and National economies and some of the risks that loom as the result of international disturbances, possible national recession, and changes going on in Montana’s economy.  This is always an informative and entertaining look at economic issues. 

DOWNLOAD - Barkey Montax 2022.pptx


Department of Revenue Presentation

The Montana Department of Revenue Director Brendan Beatty talked about his efforts to change the culture in the Department as well as some statute changes the Department is proposing.  Derek Bell explained the Department’s proposal to investigate changing assessment of centrally assessed and industrial property to a two-year appraisal with a portion of the properties being assessed every other year.  He also told the group that the Department intended to ask the Legislature to change the apportionment of corporate income taxes to a single sales factor method.  Kory Hofland and Robin Rude informed the audience of the progress of the current reappraisal of residential, commercial, and agricultural property.  They said the preliminary numbers indicated that the statewide average of increase in values of residential property could be 43%, commercial property might increase in value by 17% and agricultural property had little change in value. 

DOWNLOAD - Taxable Value Neutral for MonTax Presentation.pptx


State fiscal analysis and budget

Director Amy Carlson and Sam Schaefer of the Legislative Fiscal Division presented their analysis of the projected revenue the State might expect in the next biennium.  They also explained why Montana revenue collections were so strong over the last two years, what some of the factors were that caused the huge growth in income tax collections, and what concerns were about income revenue tax declines in the coming two years.  They also discussed the Governor’s proposed budget, the use of one-time only money in the budget and ending fund balance projections.

DOWNLOAD - State Fiscal Analysis and budget.pdf


Legislative Leadership Panel

A panel of Legislative Caucus leaders discussed the goals of their caucuses and fielded questions from the audience on issues that might face the upcoming legislative session.  Income tax relief proposals, dealing with property tax concerns of constituents, paying off state debt, and dealing with the historic surplus were some of the topics covered.

Elections of Board Members and Officers

Elections of Association board members and Officers were held Wednesday morning.  Officers elected were:

          Tom Ebzery             Chairman

          David Hoffman        Vice Chairman

          Nancy Schlepp        Treasurer

 Appointed to join the officers on the Executive Committee were:

          Bridger Mahlum

          Matt Jones

 The 2022-2023 Board of Directors includes:

Dwaine Iverson, Doug Hardy, Michelle Harris, John Doran, David Uphaus, Mark Baker, Shiell Anderson, Chase Hibbard, Melissa Lewis, Dana Stillwell, David Gibson, Tom Rolfe, David Namura, Brian Hoven, and Dan Carter.